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PRADA handbag

USD $ 259.20

    • Size : W35cm x H17cm x D14cm
    • Color : Green
    • Material : Synthetic
    • Inclusions : /
    • Origin :
    • Serial number : 113
    • Ref : 1697582203665688

    • B :
      Good : there are slightly visible stains, rubbing, or any wear marks but overall in a good condition
    • Description and conditions :
      Elevate your style with this chic Prada handbag in a unique shade of green. Crafted from durable nylon, this handbag combines contemporary flair with practicality. While it may have lost a bit of its original shape and displays rubbing on the outside, it maintains its distinctive charm. The metal fittings showcase scratches, reflecting the bag’s use and journey, adding to its character. Inside, the bag features rubbing, highlighting its quality and durability. The practical pocket inside shows signs of wear with rubbing, and the corners, while displaying rubbing, contribute to the bag’s character and style. Embrace the essence of high-end fashion with this Prada handbag, a true testament to the brand’s reputation for quality and sophistication, ideal for adding a touch of contemporary elegance to your daily ensemble.
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