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HERMÈS wallet

USD $ 166.32

    • Size : 17.2cm x 10.5cm
    • Color : Yellow
    • Material : Leather
    • Inclusions : /
    • Origin :
    • Serial number : O
    • Ref : 1697926429748871

    • AB :
      Good : there are slightly visible stains, rubbing, or any wear marks but overall in a good condition
    • Description and conditions :
      In summary, this item is attributed to the Hermes brand and showcases a design with a lovely yellow hue. It’s skillfully crafted from leather, and when assessing its condition, there are visible traces of usage, with some minor scratches and minor dirt present. However, it maintains a generally good condition overall. The level of scratches, dirt, and traces of use is categorized as slight, with slight damage ranking identified in a slight dent on the overall item, a slight pen mark on the inside, and slight discoloration on the inside as well. We recommend that you look at all the pictures before making your purchase to ensure that you are satisfied with the condition of the item.
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